2021 Buick Avista Redesign, Price, Review, and Specs

2021 Buick Avista Redesign, Price, Review, and Specs. 2020 Buick Avista is actually showed in January for the first time and even then few details were not described and finally defined. We expect few major changes in the design of the car, but the main shape and design should not be much changed from the last model. As far we know, the engine should not be changed from the last model, as well as the equipment in the cabin. Other information we will know later.

2021 Buick Avista Price

Two years ago this concept was one of the biggest attractions at the 2016 International Auto Show in Detroit. The concept was accepted well both by the critics and the crowd, so everyone expected to see a production model as soon as possible. The company’s spokesman stated that the new exciting coupe will stay in a form of a concept because it is nothing more than a design study. A few years later, it looks like the company’s management has changed its mind and that the sleek coupe is about to come. Far, this is only a rumor and we are waiting for the official confirmation for the 2020 Buick Avista.


The concept version of this stylish coupe came with an efficient 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. There is no reason why the production model shouldn’t feature the same unit. It delivers around 400 horsepower and comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Such a combination should be able to provide some nice acceleration numbers. Expect to see 0-60 time around 4.5 seconds, while a top speed should go around 155 mph. To make it more competitive with performance versions of models like BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, the company could also introduce a V8 powertrain option. In this case, we should see a new 4.2-liter twin-turbo unit, which delivers around 550 horsepower and comes with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

2021 Buick Avista Drivetrain

The manufacturer decided to not change anything in engine type, so 2020 Buick Avista has the same 3.5-liter V6 model as on current version, too. With 400 horsepower of strength, it surely attracts attention and stands in the same line with Acura TLX as the main competitor. Even though there were rumors about the eight-speed automatic transmission that did not happen. The engine is matched with the eight-speed automatic transmission as on the current model.


Avista has always been in the middle of the class in term of design, offering almost the average shape and design for the class. The same thing is with the 2020 Buick Avista. We have not seen the new model in salons, but concerning the lack of the information so far, the manufacturer will not change it much for the next time. The shape of the front end reminds on Cadillac CTS, or Volvo S90, and Lincoln MKZ, and that will not be changed much in this version. The rear end is short with maybe new few details and changed rear lights. As a standard come 20-inch tires.

2021 Buick Avista Drivetrain

As we’ve mentioned, this concept was one of the biggest attractions in Detroit two years ago. It comes in a coupe form, featuring a sleek profile and plenty of long curved lines. This car was inspired by another Buick’s car from the 50’s, called Wildcat. For the production model, we hope the company won’t change it a lot. Most of us would suggest tweaks to the rear end, which seems to be the weakest point. Anyway, the concept from two years ago definitely looked production friendly. Only minor modifications are expected on the model that should compete with numerous sports cars, including a few ponies like Mustang and 2020 Camaro.


While the exterior relies on classic styling solutions, the interior of this concept came with a very futuristic design. It came with plenty of long, elegant lines, large odd-shaped touchscreens, plenty of 3D printing and other details that made this concept look so futuristic. This approach doesn’t seem so likely for the production model. In order to cut down development expenses and production costs, the new 2020 Buick Avista will probably feature more production-friendly interior. Expect the dashboard probably borrowed from some of the Buick’s current model, of course with further modifications. Still, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t see plenty of new tech features, including some advanced driver-assist systems.

There are no much to say about the cabin in 2020 Buick Avista. It is the same luxury shell as on previous models and which models from Buick famous are with. The cabin is wrapped in thick light brown and black leather. The very interesting and attractive dashboard is shaped to be sharp and wide, with many details made of chrome. There is a wide touchscreen on the top of it and digital commands on the center cluster between the seats.


2020 Buick Avista will not be on the market before the second half of the next year. The price is not confirmed yet, but it should not be much different from the current one and that is $28,000 for a base model, so it is a luxury sedan that stands literally almost on the top of the cars in the class.

At the moment, we are still waiting for the official confirmation. Most likely, the new model will come late in the next year, as 2020 Buick Avista. When it comes to the price, we will know more details in the future. Still, some reports suggest a sum of $35,000, roughly.

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