2022 Honda Element Release Date, USA, Price, & Photos

2022 Honda Element Release Date, USA, Price, & Photos. The upcoming 2022 Honda Element is expected to hit the markets sometime next year. According to various sources, the comeback of this legendary SUV will introduce a complete redesign. Customers should expect significant changes, as Honda clearly plans to transform this model into a modern and eye-catching SUV.

2022 Honda Element Interior

New Honda Element is the next-generation model, and it will look better than ever. This SUV, on the other hand, would once again have a conventionally boxy appearance that separates it from the majority of the SUVs. We don’t know which engine choices are available or how much this SUV would cost. The sales will begin later in 2021.

Is Honda Element Hybrid a Reallity?

This is the biggest mystery of all. The 2022 Honda Element will offer new engine lineup. The most likely powertrain options are a 2.4-liter gasoline unit with 165 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque. Optionally, Element model will provide a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine Optional powertrain will produce almost 200 hp and around 190 lb-ft of torque.

2022 Honda Element Redesign

Still, the biggest addition could be the hybrid powertrain. It will probably borrow the powertrain from the CR-V model if the Element Hybrid variant truly arrives. Thanks to that, Element will instantly become one of the most efficient SUVs with over 40 mpg combined.

2022 Element Spy Shots and Colors

At this moment, we know the 2022 Honda Element is getting a redesign. We are waiting for the first spy shots to become available. Interestingly, many experts believe we already saw a camouflaged prototype of the Element SUV. The thing is, we don’t know how the new model will look like. Prior to that, there are a couple of spied Honda models, so we will just wait for the official details.

2022 Honda Element Wallpaper

We do know the Element SUV will be a subcompact model with the same boxy shape. On the other hand, Element will wear a more modern styling with new exterior features and new exterior colors Speaking of exterior paints, Honda will surely deliver new shades. Iconic colors such as Sunset Orange, Citrus Fire, Cargo Khaki and Royal Blue Pearl will be on offer once again.

Interior Features

Honda will make major improvements to the upcoming 2022 Honda Element SUV in order to make it more attractive. We hope to see complete interior overhaul, which is the most likely. More high-quality products and technologies will be added to the Element SUV, so the comfort will be like never before.

This also means Honda will introduce upright materials, including brand-new standard and optional upholsteries. The updated infotainment system, as well as the most recent driver-assistance aids, are now available too. Hopefully, the Element SUV will become as popular as before. Interestingly, but small Element SUV was the first pet-friendly SUV and we hope Honda will continue that tradition.

2022 Honda Element Release Date, Price

The next-gen 2022 Honda Element will hit the dealerships by the end of 2021. The Japanese manufacturer is yet to reveal closer details. From what we know, new Element will cost slightly above $20,000. On top of that, Honda will introduce at least three trim levels and hybrid variant is likely to happen.

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