2023 Alpha Wolf+ Rumors, Redesign, Specs, and Pics

2023 Alpha Wolf+ Rumors, Redesign, Specs, and Pics. The forthcoming 2023 Alpha Wolf+ is the brand-new all-electric pickup truck. As you know, the electric truck segment is hotter and hotter. Besides Tesla, Rivian, GMC, and Ford, new manufacturers and numerous startups are entering the segment as well. Recently, we saw the Canoo Electric Pickup, and before that models such as Lordstown Endurance.

2023 Alpha Wolf Interior

Now, the Wolf+ is coming to the markets and it will be a very capable model. Like the Canoo pickup, Alpha+ will ride on the same skateboard platform. Not surprisingly, but Wolf+ model based on the brand’s Ace coupe and Jax crossover variants. It comes with a retro design and various aggressive styling cues. It is a very interesting model and here’s everything you need to know.

Driving Range, Acceleration

The upcoming 2023 Alpha Wolf+ will deploy the same single-motor setup as the Jax crossover. It is a front-wheel-drive model, but the dual-motor version will reach production as well. Alpha said the Wolf+ will provide between 250 and 275 miles of driving range on a single charge. The pickup truck will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds. Alpha and Canoo will offer a lot of the same stuff. Two brands are clearly planning to enter the compact pickup truck segment in the United States.

2023 Alpha Wolf Photos

Whatsoever, the new Wolf+ pickup truck will most likely produce around 600 horsepower when using a dual-motor setup. We don’t know how much will the single-motor variant produce, but Alpha will reveal more details in the coming months. No matter which version you opt for, Wolf+ will deliver 75- and 85-kWh battery packs. As for the towing capacity, Alpha says the Wolf+ model will tow around 6,720 pounds.

2023 Wolf+ Exterior Design

As we said, the 2023 Alpha Wolf+ will ride on the same skateboard platform as the Canoo pickup. This model is based on the Alpha’s Jax and Ace models. All three variants are wearing the same retro styling, but the pickup truck version is definitely more aggressive. The Wolf+ pickup is almost two feet longer than the Ace coupe.

2023 Alpha Wolf Redesign

Thanks to that, we know the arriving pickup will be compact, more precisely, two feet shorter than the mid-size Ford Ranger. The bed is 65 inches long and 59 inches wide. The popular “frunk” is on offer, and Alpha also revealed a solar bed cover.

2023 Alpha Wolf+ Price, Release Date

This is perhaps the best part of the all-new 2023 Alpha Wolf+ pickup truck. This model will reportedly cost around $40,000. If this is true, and Alpha says it is, then Wolf+ will be an affordable electric model.

Again, Tesla Cybertruck will cost slightly above that, but the Wolf+ model will still cost below its biggest competitors. The sales will begin in the first half of 2023. Alpha is yet to unveil all of the details, which will happen in the next couple of months.