2023 Mitsubishi L200 aka Triton Redesign and Latest News

2023 Mitsubishi L200 aka Triton Redesign and Latest News. The upcoming 2023 Mitsubishi L200 could be the next-gen model. This is not official, but many reliable reports are already predicting new generation and significant upgrades. According to those reports, the new L200 pickup truck is under development. It does make sense, but Mitsubishi is yet to confirm those stories. If this truly happens, a new truck will arrive with a redesign.

2023 Mitsubishi L200 Concept

The interior will gain essential updates, more features, and better safety. Nissan and Mitsubishi are working on a new model and more information will become available in the coming weeks. The L200 model is coming to the United States, but this model is sold globally. Some other markets are offering the same model under the names such as “Triton” or “Barbarian.”.

New Powertrain Option

The all-new 2023 Mitsubishi L200 will most likely keep its current 2.4-liter diesel engine. However, the accent will be on the new powertrain option. New platform clearly indicates some sort of hybrid powertrain option. Again, this is not official so all we can do is speculate. What seems likely to happen is the new conventional engine. Many reports are predicting a 2.3-liter dCi engine.

2023 Mitsubishi L200 Wallpaper

The same unit powers the Nissan Navara pickup. It does make sense as the two models are sharing the same platform. This engine is capable of producing 148 horsepower, which isn’t that much. Still, the hybrid variant is what interests us the most, so we hope to see more about this in the near future.

Mitsubishi L200 Redesign

The current generation of the L200 truck is present for almost seven years. The next-gen 2023 Mitsubishi L200 is perfectly reasonable. With that in mind, a redesign is about to happen. New model will introduce a more modern appearance and various cosmetic upgrades. Nissan will help Mitsubishi with the new L200 model, so we expect to see an exciting truck with recognizable styling cues.

2023 Mitsubishi L200 Wallpapers

For a start, the platform is new. L200 aka Triton will ride on the same architecture as the Nissan Navara. It is a modified F-Alpha structure so L200 will surely gain drastic upgrades. New model will hit the roads with a different size than its predecessor. We don’t expect major changes in terms of dimensions.

Interior Upgrades

The cabin will also suffer some significant upgrades. The forthcoming 2023 Mitsubishi L200 will once again offer a practical interior but this time it will look more modern and premium. Current interior design is far from impressive, so the new model will surely gain various improvements. Of all, new infotainment and the latest safety aids are available.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi will deliver larger displays and new upholstery. It is a complete cabin revamp, so this is the right way to introduce a new generation. Reliable reports are suggesting improved visibility, higher driving position, and a new steering wheel. Official details are not available so we expect for Mitsubishi to surprise us with some new cool stuff.

2023 Mitsubishi L200 Release Date, Price

The next-gen 2023 Mitsubishi L200 will continue with an affordable price. Of course, the new model will cost more than its predecessor, thanks to the latest significant upgrades. The exact price is not available at the moment. Mitsubishi will launch its new L200 (Triton) truck by the end of 2021.

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