2023 Nikola Badger Release Date, Redesign, Price, and Pics

2023 Nikola Badger Release Date, Redesign, Price, and Pics. The latest reports are suggesting for new 2023 Nikola Badger to enter production in 2023. The manufacturer will provide closer details in two weeks. Badger is the latest electric truck that will compete with Tesla, GM and Rivian rivals. Nikola will also announce which automaker will become a partner in building Badger truck.

20223 Nikola Badger Powertrain

Unlike its biggest rivals, Badger is not fully electric model. Instead, it is a plug-in hybrid version that runs on hydrogen fuel-cell stack. Nikola will deliver a unique design with plenty of exciting features. The same story continues on the inside, but the price is still hard to predict.

Engine Specs Are Looking Unreal

The things in the all-electric pickup truck segment are developing too fast. Almost every manufacturer promises impressive performance figures and the fans are sceptical for a reason. In the case of 2023 Nikola Badger, this model will generate up to 906 horsepower and 980 lb-ft of torque. Rivian did the same thing with its R1T model.

20223 Nikola Badger Redesign

Until it becomes official, no one will believe in these promises. Badger truck will also offer an independent AWD system which strongly suggests quad-motor setup. According to Nikola, this model will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. Lastly, Badger will provide up to 600 miles of driving range.

Hydrogen Powertrain

As we said, the 2023 Nikola Badger isn’t a regular all-electric truck. Instead, this model will run on hydrogen fuel. Whatsoever, the manufacturer plans to build around 700 new hydrogen stations across the whole of America. At this moment, only 45 stations are available in North America.

20223 Nikola Badger Redesign

Hydrogen is the future, and it could save a lot of money and more importantly, it could save humanity. Of course, Badger truck will also run on all-electric power, but the plan is to build a plug-in hybrid system around hydrogen cells. Nikola said the driving range should be estimated at about 300 miles.

Nikola Badger Looks Unique

The all-new 2023 Nikola Badger is still a mystery in many ways. So far, we have only seen rendering photos based on the actual reports and various rumors. A new pickup truck will definitely look unique. Nikola will look to deliver a futuristic design While Badger will most likely look odd, it won’t look odd as Tesla Cybertruck. Instead, Badger will feature a more traditional design with strange shape and aggressive styling.

The front end will get LED light bar and significantly bolder front bumper. Bulgy hood and larger fender flares will add a sporty vibe, which is great. Badger truck will also wear plenty of curves, so the approach is more angular. The side skirts are illuminated, and the company’s logo will sit on the backside. Nikola Badger will be 72.8 inches tall, 85 inches wide and 232 inches long.

2023 Nikola Badger Release Date and Price

Nikola’s CEO said that the new 2023 Nikola Badger will enter production in 2023. That means the sales will start later in 2023. Before that, the brand will announce closer details about its first model in the coming days. The price is still quite a mystery, but this model won’t come cheap.

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