2024 Volkswagen Beetle Wallpapers

2024 Volkswagen Beetle Price, Specs, Interior, and Convertible

2024 Volkswagen Beetle Price, Specs, Interior, and Convertible. Few in the world there are cars, the achievement of which could be compared with the 2024 Volkswagen Beetle in. Model history has nearly 77 years. Worthy of mention is the fact that for all time produced more than 23 million copies of the legendary Beetle different generations! This first generation of cars were produced during 1938-2003 gg, its total circulation reached the incredible figure of 21,529,464 units, becoming the best-seller across four continents.

2024 Volkswagen Beetle Wallpapers

Test Drive

Next, the second generation was made only 7-NIL years (1998-2005g. g.), Having won just over one million people. About the popularity and appeal of the latter today, the third generation 2024 Volkswagen Beetle, it is premature to say, today we can only get to know them in more detail, to describe the advantages and try to identify shortcomings.

Presentation of the current generation of 2024 Volkswagen Beetle took place in 2011, almost simultaneously on three key autoshow planet: the Shanghai Motor Show in Berlin and New York. This event has become one of the most anticipated in 2011. Appearance 2024 Volkswagen Beetle new is the logical continuation of the previous generation of the exterior– the designers managed to create a new form elements of the body so as to inject new elements, thus repeating the contours and lines of the predecessor.

2024 Volkswagen Beetle Specs

Profile of the new 2024 Volkswagen Beetle can be divided into several segments: the front and rear arches, a roof– from the windshield to the bottom of the tailgate and bonnet. All these segments are rounded, while together they form harmonious and rapid silhouette cars. Sporty appearance and gives the side of the window-sill line sufficiently inflated.

The front of the car to get modern lighting fixtures, lamps are made in the shape of a crescent– attracted the attention of LED running lights, as well as located in the wheel arches xenon headlights. Half-round, drop down to the ground hood stands out a large 2024 Volkswagen logo. The original and the new bumper, air intake volume memorable and located in its corners direction indicators and foglights.

2024 Volkswagen Beetle Spy Photos

The rear part, too, stands a powerful bumper, tailgate beautiful and perfectly-designed LED lighting.

Dimensions 2024 Volkswagen Beetle are as follows: length– 4278 mm, width– 1808 mm, height– 1486 mm, 2537 mm wheelbase.
Index clearance (clearance)– 135 mm.
For baselines sufficiently small 2024 Volkswagen Beetle new in is planned to install protectors 17-18 range, but in addition, you can install the low-profile tires R19. Total twelve available body versions 2024 Volkswagen Beetle color from snow white to bright yellow.
Interior encounters a huge variety of colors and shades on the door cards, intricate dashboard and the steering wheel, there is a lot of plastic inserts in different colors that perform a decorative function and are made “under carbon”. The steering wheel of cars from the bottom a bit cropped, thus imitate the wheel of sports cars. On the steering wheel are controls audio system and telephone.

Large dials located on the center instrument panel have informative scales. Immediately located speedometer and trip computer display. The center console placed climate controls– control, as well as some additional features. In the middle of the dashboard mounted 5-inch. touch screen monitor, with which manages the sound system with 8 speakers. More expensive are equipped with a 6.5 inch. TV, radio with CD, MP3, DVD, AUX, and USB ports, GPS-navigator, and even 30GB hard drive. Note the excellent ergonomics of the interior elements, and excellent build quality. Of the minuses, we have found in the cabin Beetle, you can (with some stretch) to name a few hard plastic.

2024 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible– new unisex Cabriolet

The basic version of the new 2024 Volkswagen Beetle got tight, comfortable front seats, which, however, is clearly not enough lateral support. In this regard, clearly stands Sport equipment, which has the support of the profile of the driver and passenger seats– for this special designed rollers, as well as rest. Despite the absence of such “chips”, we can confidently say that even basic equipment of the new Beetle is able to provide driver and passenger comfort due.

With the rear seats next to the case are not so good– second-row passengers are faced with a difficult landing, as well as a lack of space, which can be attributed to design solutions which are applied in the creation of the exterior. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims on placing in the cabin 2024 Volkswagen Beetle new five people (including the driver), a comfortable stay is only four passengers– even the back row is molded for two. Even in this case, the back is clearly a shortage of space in all directions.

Basic configuration is equipped with a very good: the aforementioned audio system, keyless access with push-button engine start, good quality air conditioning, security system, 6-Th airbags, ABC system, ESP, EDL (electronic differential system), ASR (counter system slip), parking sensors. More advanced equipment can be equipped with optional auto two-zone climate control, panoramic glass roof, as well as a host of other useful and status of systems and functions.

Despite a certain lack of space for rear passengers, luggage compartment volume 2024 Volkswagen Beetle is quite good for this class: 310– 905 liters.

technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of cars are consistent with modern trends: the base of the new Beetle was the sixth generation 2024 Volkswagen Golf. Front suspension independent cars, here used MacPherson strut, rear torsion beam is used. Note the improved disc brakes with ABC, ESP, EDL, ASR and brake assist– HBA. Like and electrical power steering with a variable with increasing speed auto settings.

The range of engines for the new Beetle provides options to select: available are 4-D and 2-gasoline and diesel engine. Note that the most powerful of the gasoline engine of 2.5 liters. (170hp) with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission the Tiptronic (having a sports mode), sold only in the United States. The cheapest, 1.2 liter. TSI (105 hp), is aggregated only with a 6-speed manual transmission, as well as the 1.4 liter. TSI (160l. s.). A more powerful 2.0 liter. TSI (200 hp) can additionally be supplied with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed the DSG, having two clutches. Diesel units are submitted 1,6 l. TDI (105hp), working with 5 stupas. ILAC and 2,0 l. TDI (140hp), is aggregated with 6 mortars. PCR, or 6 stupas. DSG. We 2024 Volkswagen Beetle new is only available with two petrol engines: 1,4 l.TSI (160hp) and 2,0 l. TSI (200hp).

Powertrain Beetle Powertrain Beetle

While driving the latest generation of 2024 Volkswagen Beetle shows balanced, stiffer suspension, together with responsive steering, has excellent feedback, it allows you to get maximum pleasure from driving. According to the impressions, management reminds 2024 Volkswagen Scirocco. The capacity of the proposed engine is more than enough for a comfortable and confident ride. 1,4 TSI is able to overclock the new Beetle to the first 100 km/ h in 8.3 sec., Providing a top speed of 208 km/ h. The manufacturer has repeatedly stated about possible deliveries of Russian new diesel 2024 Volkswagen Beetle– with engines of 1.6 liters. TDI (105 hp). One of the main advantages of these engines is extremely low fuel consumption (in komborezhime is not more than 4.5 liters), however, the start time of supply is not specified.

Price and equipment

Price 2024 Volkswagen Beetle new Europe begins with the very democratic level of 16 950 euros– for the money available for basic equipment Beetle, having 1.2 liters. TSI (105 hp), is aggregated with 6-speed manual transmission. Total available are three trim 2024 Volkswagen Beetle today: Beetle, Sport, as well as the highest grade Desing.

The price of the base version 2024 Volkswagen Beetle in Russia starts from 719 thousand rubles. In this set includes 1.4 liter engine TSI (160 hp), working with a 6-speed manual transmission. When you install a 6-speed DSG automatic cost increases to 793 thousand rubles. Maximum version of Beetle Design is priced at 836 thousand. To date, better mimicking the conditions for domestic (as well as much more economical) diesel powertrains for the new 2024 Volkswagen Beetle from official dealers in Russia are absent.